Every Morning I Will

  • Thank God I was able to open my eyes
  • Tell the Universe that today will be a good day
  • Smile
  • Breathe in all positivity and exhale any negativity that may exist
  • Look myself in the mirror with love
  • Tell myself that I will conquer the day
  • Tell myself I will be successful today, I will accomplish at least 1 goal today – no matter how big or small that goal may seem
  • Forgive myself for the mistakes I will make today
  • Remind myself that I cannot control everything that happens
  • Prepare for my growth


Queen on Queens; Queen on!

◊ Queen Bri ◊

Trusting Her Timing

I’m learning to leave my worries with God while understanding that the action and effort is up to me.

The saying, “Let go and let God.” We must truly break down this meaning to our youth for no one broke it down clearly to me. There is such erudition in understanding that we must let go of our worries, struggles, doubts, and and form of negativity to God. For she will do her part. But we can not ask God to help up make it to the top of the mountain if we are not willing to climb.

Prayer + Faith + Effort + Will + Patience = Blessings in its most raw form

I am understanding that there can be no missing links in this equation. Additionally, I do not choose the timing of my blessings. I CANNOT ask God to put a move on it to answer my questions or to give me guidance to my pondering.

Our lives are already destined. Whatever our hearts are set on, whatever our goals, they are already ours. But what matters is the effort we put into them and allowing God’s timer to go off.

I once felt God was testing me harder than I deserved. It was like she felt I was stronger than I truly was. Wellllllllll let me tell you, silly me! Reflection made me realize that she was testing me at all. She was simply telling me that I can endure anything. The opportunities she gave to me and removed were not to tease, but to show me that I had the ability and will to get that far but that opportunity was not truly for me.

“You have to accept your fate; do it without bitterness and stay humble.”

Anthony Scaramucci

Humble was nowhere to be found in my body. Bitterness was all I knew at that point. My God does not believe in bitterness. However, my universe continues to turn. Time and patience taught me that bitterness will consume me to a point where that is all I will ever know.

Truthfully, I don’t know how that equation fell into my lap but once I applied it to my life, the universe exploded to recreate itself for me. I saw God smile at me. I felt the joy from my ancestors through my bones. I loved myself for my ambition.


Hi God,

I just want to say thank you blessing myself, family, friends, and people I don’t know with the opportunity to open our eyes to see a new day. You blessed us with the opportunity to be a better us today than we were yesterday. I ask that you guide us that we are able to fulfill that opportunity.

I ask that today is a positive day for us all. That we love, we are loved, set goals, achieve goals, we smile, laugh, and give off the same positivity that we receive. I ask that you guide us all to know that your love for us is much stronger than the devil’s hate can ever be.

I just want to say thank you for all of my blessings, they never go unappreciated. I ask that you forgive me for my ignorance and arrogance when I do not understand that you are working on blessings when things are not going my way. I thank you for your patience and unconditional love. I ask that you continue to guide me in the right direction of the success of my life in every aspect. I ask that you continue to guide me to make the right decisions for now, the future, myself, and those in my life.

I ask that you continue to watch over my family, friends, and I that you protect us from all hurt, harm, disease, or perils of being the world.

I love you




I am ready to allow myself to be loved unconditionally.

I deserve the love I seek. There are no expectations to receive this type of love from anyone but myself.

Not to be misunderstood, I have given myself love and affection. But I have not given myself the love I DESERVE. I deserve to smile 24/7 until my cheeks cramp up. Laugh until I am gasping for air with tears rolling down my face and people think I need medical help. Dance until my legs are numb. Sing loves songs to myself, allowing myself to believe I have the voice of H.E.R. Allow my heart to melt within itself when I think of me.

A love like this does exist and I will hand it over to myself, wrapped neatly with sunflower bows on top.

I am allowing myself to love my awkwardness. The fact that I talk too much and don’t all at once. Love that I am a afrofuturist that loves to wear sweats everyday, listen to trap music while meditating and doing yoga, laugh at myself when I am alone, give my all in everything that I do, demand respect from anyone that enters my circle of life, talk to myself, have goals higher than one could ever think of, think too deeply into everything, learning how to handle my emotions, and that my flaws are my best qualities because they’re not truly flaws at all.

The world doesn’t revolve around me but my world does.
This is not to disregard the existence of others or to give all my love to myself only.

“They say true love’s the greatest weapon”


No one can ever love me the way I do. For they don’t understand me like I do.

And that, I am okay with.

I am ready for love.



Queen on Queens; Queen on!

◊ Queen Bri ◊

New Puppy Alert!

I never thought there would come a day when my parents would allow a dog in this house!  But here she is: Luna aka Luna Bug


This little bundle of joy makes me so happy.  How could her previous owners have discarded her in a trash bag to kill her?  She is the most precious thing I have ever laid eyes on.  People may get annoyed with how obsessed I am with her, but what can I say, I’m a doggy mom.


Since she was discarded, I didn’t know her age or breed.  So I took her to the vet to find she’s around 9 months and is an Italian Greyhound mixed with a Beagle.  Therefore, I have an EXTRA stubborn pup on my hands.


That last picture is such a true statement to an extent.  She knows her go to people when I am not spoiling her or giving the attention she is begging for with a temper tantrum.  She knows if I am not home or in my room, she can sneak into my bed while overlooking her own bed that is 2 steps away.  She tends to listen when she wants to but we have definitely handled that situation.  Luna has done very well with training, but there’s some issues we still need to work on like:

  • Not begging for food while we eat dinner
  • Temper tantrums
  • Listening when I say come*****
  • Learning the boundaries of the yard*****

* Main issues because she is hard headed and stubborn

But even with her flaws she excites me.  The way she greets me when she hasn’t seen me all day is priceless!  Omg and the CUDDLES!

Well that’s just a little bit on my new bundle of joy.  More Luna updates coming soon.


Queen on Queens; Queen on!

◊ Queen Bri ◊

What’s on my Travel Bucket List

Like many others, I love to travel!  Just think of all the beautiful cultures, people, architecture, natural scenery, and adventures we have yet to experience.  For me, I want to travel the world!  In the year of 2016, I traveled to 6 countries. 6!

Here are just 5 of the destinations on my travel bucket list:

  1. Morocco
    Morocco is a Northern African country that borders the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.  The official language is Arabic but many other languages are spoken like French, Berber dialects, Spanish, and more.  With holding a population of approximately 30,704,000, Morocco is a growing tourist destination.

    Morocco is known for its diversity of traditions, religion, and natural landscapes.  In particular, I would love to ride a camel into the sunset in the Merzouga Dunes.  I also want to have the ultimate photo shoot in the blue streets of Chefchaouen.  Most of all, shop in their large markets and buy tons of spices!

  2. Thailand
    Thailand is a Southeast Asian country known for its tropical beaches and grand palaces.  It is about three times the size of Florida; slightly more than twice the size of Wyoming.  With a population of about 68,200,824 people Thai is the official language spoken by 90.7% of the population.  Burmese is spoken by less than 2% of the population and English is a secondary language to the elite.

    I want to travel to Thailand mainly because the culture grasps me greatly.  I want to visit the beautiful temples that are in Thailand such as Wat Pho and Wat Phra Kaeo (the grand palace).  I also want to enjoy the beautiful natural scenery that graces this country.  Thailand is also a home to a large number of ELEPHANTS! (My favorite animal in the whole world!)

  3. Australia
    Australia is located between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific with the population of approximately 22,992,654 people.  Several languages are spoken such as English (most dominant language), Italian, Mandarin, Arabic, Greek, Cantonese, Vietnamese, and more.  I personally did not know so many languages were spoken in Australia – you learn something new everyday.

    Personally I want to connect with the aboriginal native peoples of Australia; I want to know their culture because it is so shocking to me that these people are completely disregarded.  I always wanted to learn how to surf and where is a better place to learn?  I also want to hike the various national parks.  Australia is also known for their amazing zoos in which house koalas! KOALAS people!!

  4. Spain
    Spain is a Southwestern European country with a population of approximately 48,563,476 people.  Madrid being the capital city.  Castilian Spanish is the official language country wide but depending on regions, Catalan is spoken by approximately 70% of the population.

    Fun fact: I’m going to Spain by the end of the year! I am so excited because I know they eat bread with every meal and I can eat a good half a loaf of bread alone in one sitting (I love carbs and I’m proud).  I can’t wait to try all the tapas (small appetizers)  Spain has to offer.  They are known for being very laid back and not rushing; we shall see how that goes being a girl from the Big Apple city of New York.  I want to witness the famous flamenco and explore the beautiful coast of Spain.   Spain, I’m ready for you!

  5. Argentina
    A country located between Chile and Uruguay and a population of about 43,886,748 people.  Buenos Aires is the capital of Argentina.  Spanish (official), Italian, English, German, French, indigenous (Mapudungun, Quechua) are all languages spoken in Argentina.

    I always wanted to travel to Buenos Aires and explore its vibrant scenery; it is known for having a bohemian feel.  I also want to be able to visit to one of the world’s last advancing glaciers, Glaciar Perito Moreno.  And how can you travel to Argentina and not go to a fútbol game?

These are only 5 of the thousands of destinations I will travel to.  Tell me what’s on your bucket list?

Queen on Queens; Queen on!

◊ Queen Bri ◊