A Letter to Serena Williams

Dear Serena,

I am not a fan, I am a student.  I am learning so much from you.  Black Girl Magic, I am still in aww of your magic.  When I look at you, I see you more than just a tennis player; you are a girl from Compton that just won’t stop.  I’ve come to realize that I have looked up to you and Venus more than I really known.  Growing up, my sisters and I would blow up a balloon and pretend we were you two and play “tennis” across my parents’ bed.  I used to think it was just tennis but it is more than that.  It’s more than proving everyone else wrong.  It’s more than winning.  It’s conquering everything that you know you deserve.  It’s being better than what your imagination can think of.

Within that, I say thank you for humbly being yourself.  I see you more than just the greatest tennis player, I see you as a strong example of a black woman who feels deeply passionate about something and doesn’t allow anyone to tell you that your passion is wrong.  But today, today I saw that it is okay to be emotional in front of others.  It is okay to not be seen as a rock allllll the time.  You tried so hard to keep your composure but your emotions was much more, even without words.  I am still learning not to be that rock all the time.  One shouldn’t have to rely on anyone to feel passion but I must say you sparked the passion in my heart for everything it is that I have always dreamt of.  I no longer want to dream about what it is that I want; I want to make it happen.  I am a girl from the Bronx, and I won’t stop until I am satisfied.

Thank you for being one of my biggest inspirations.

Queen on Queens; Queen on!

◊ Queen Bri ◊

Beautiful Challenge

Beautiful Queens let us not wait until the new year to set positive goals for ourselves.  Let us end 2016 with pure positivity.

What is beauty?  It is what every woman and little girl possesses.  It is up to us to help every other Queen remember that she is beautiful.  We need to stop competing with each other so much because we are all fighting the same fight.

Many of our insecurities come from the competition with other women.  Who do we get dressed up for truly?  To combat the approval of society to validate our beauty, I have come up with the Beautiful Challenge.

I challenge every Queen to tell at least 7 other Queens a day that they are beautiful for a week.  You can tell women you know, but try to tell complete strangers.  You never know how much you can impact another Queen’s day.  And challenge every women you call beautiful to also take part of this challenge.

Remember, beauty is not just a physical feature.  Beauty is also an action that one may take part in.

Spread the word!


Queen on Queens; Queen on!

◊ Queen Bri ◊