Apartment Hunt

We are apartment hunting!

As excited as I am, the hardest thing is to get my picky boyfriend to agree on the places that I love so much.  He also thinks he is gonna have say on decorating … I’ll let him pick some colors I guess.

But when it comes to viewing the apartment and the landlord asks if we have any questions, he gives me the floor.
After apartment searching in Buffalo for college, I’ve learned the proper questions to ask when viewing an apartment.

  • What are the leasing terms?
    • 6 months
    • 12 months
    • 24 months
    • Month to month
  • Deposits and/or other fees?
    • I do have a dog, in which some people do apply a one time pet fee and/or pet rent that is not stated in the listing.  I am also running into many listings requiring a brokers fee (something I am not paying).
  • When is the apartment available to rent?
    • Some listings may say a date, however those dates can change and the listing isn’t updated.
  • What utilities are included?
    • For the utilities that are not included, can they provide the average costs for each per month.  Just numbers that you can predict in your monthly budget.
  • Bed bugs, rodents, etc. history?
    • I understand it is gross to even think about, but you would rather think about it before you sign the lease.  Ask for any history paperwork regarding pests.  If they are not willing or do not have documentation, ask for documentation to show how they prevent those issues.  Also, make it clear if they are responsible for those issues after you move in.  If they are, how long on average will you have to wait until the situation is handled.
  • Hot water shortages?
    • I’m pretty sure we have all experienced expecting a hot shower and the water temperature was not cooperating.  If not, lucky you.  Just make sure that you won’t have any surprise ice showers.
  • Heat and A/C?
    • Are these systems provided, if so, how much control would I have on them?  Also are they loud?  I experienced living with the loudest radiator of all time for a year in Buffalo.  Maintenance called themselves fixing it 6 times …. that radiator became family after that.
  • Decoration?
    • Ask what the rules are as far as decorating.  Can you decorate freely – paint, hanging pictures, wall decorations?  Some may allow decoration as long as it is all repainted back to the original state.
  • Cellphone reception?
    • Walk around to make sure that you get good and clear cellphone reception.  This is more important than it sounds.  Just in case you need to make an emergency call, you need to ensure that you will have reception to make that call.
  • Maintenance issues?
    • Is there someone always on call?  Typical response time?

Just some questions for young adults searching for their first apartment.

I hope you enjoyed.


Queen on Queens; Queen on!

◊ Queen Bri ◊

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