Who is a Queen?

Most people would think of the English royal family when they think of the term Queen. I want people to break that definition of a Queen.

A Queen is more than a woman married to a king or a widow to a king which is Webster’s definition. Webster also defines a Queen as a female figure on a playing card, as well as a female cat only kept for breeding purposes.

To me a Queen is a woman who owns who she is.  She knows she’s nothing less than God’s best creation.  A Queen does not let society define her.  She owns her own individuality and respects the next Queen’s individuality.  A Queen is a woman who looks her challenges in the face and smiles with beaming elation; she is fearless because fear is a convoluted illusion of the mind.


To the Queens reading this post, you are divine.  The Sun gets blinded by how bright you shine.  Don’t you allow anyone to belittle your worth, for you are worth more than gold.

When someone asks you, “Why are you so conceited?”  Reply to not confuse that term with confidence.

Queen on Queens; Queen on!

◊ Queen Bri ◊


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